If you are my age and think you’re more “worldy” than me because you’re well-travelled, you’re not. You have rich parents.

Also saying you want travel all over the world is pretty much the least interesting thing you can ever say about yourself. Everyone wants to travel, dipshit.

Why is “Blurred Lines” definitely about rape and not about consensual rough sex?

I guess “must wanna get nasty” is a little insensitive, but it’s a big jump to say that the speaker in the song wants to rape this woman.

I saw that article that compares the lyrics to stuff rapists have said… but stuff like “Good Girl” and “Do you like it hurt?” sounds BDSM-y. I LOVE HAIR PULLING. It’s all about context and I think people are really going out of their way to be offended by this song.

Not all songs about sex are perpetuating a rape culture. Turns out some people (like myself) APPRECIATE getting hit on at a club and having a guy tell me I’m hot. Sex is a thing people do. Women like having sex.

Why is it suddenly fashionable to villianize people who hit on other people at bars and clubs — places where many people (of any gender) go specifically looking for a romantic partner or a hook-up?

Ways I got confused at work today

For reference — I’m a non-Jew working at a Jewish day school.

Mincha = Min-ha. (But none of the kids heard me, they’ll never know I’m a moron. Just my boss.)  I haven’t attempted Shacharit yet — is it Shackris?

The rabbi introduced himself as Mordy, now I don’t know if I call him Rabbi or Mordy. Also there’s a second guy who is also a rabbi but I don’t know which one he is. And what do I call him? Uhhhh.

And the guy who teaches gym introduced himself as “Coach.” I dunno if I just misheard his name or if he actually goes by Coach. 

Also not sure if I address my boss by first name or as Mrs., but I think I can figure that out. Will stick with Mrs. for now.

I’m trying realllllly hard to say these kids names but some of them are hard and it’s not fair. 

The kids can tell I’m confused. The only useful thing I did today was help them log in to their laptops. 

Basically I do not understand how to speak or how etiquette works. 


Douglass SUCKS compared to College Ave. School year isn’t even started and I miss it. 


it’s really punk to tip and thank food service workers

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my boyfriend made me leave because i haven’t stopped watching this video.

this is the most important video of my life

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This is badass. Way to go Samsung, keeping customers for life.

Good on you Samsung. That’s real marketing.


I wonder if Shane wishes he drew something different.

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Yo yo yo, 1-4-8-3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9. Representin’ the ABQ. What up, biatch?! Leave at the tone.
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Alternative pinup girls http://bit.ly/1bp7xQg


Alternative pinup girls http://bit.ly/1bp7xQg

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